Friday, March 11, 2005

Steak with Dark and Stormy – in honour of Vicky “f@cking breathe!” Jones

This afternoon, for no particular reason, we decide to finish early (after lunch); Nish didn’t have much on and I had been in “stupid mode” (where it seems I have forgotten what little I knew anyway and have lost the ability to think on my toes) all day.

I spend the afternoon reading up on the conditions which had stumped me all day, but draw a blank on the set task of finding out who is William Wuthering (I only have the oxford handbook, BNF and house officers’ guide with me), while Nish watches the cricket – Ang Rita has set us up with a telly on Gavin’s strict instruction. There is talk of a computer or internet connection or something too, but we shall have to see what happens.

Having spent the afternoon at home, we decide dinner out is in order and combine it with a cyber trip into Thamel. I have been looking forward to a steak dinner, but have not fancied it at lunchtime the previous times we have been in Thamel. So, after a quick blog post, email check, and photo portfolio update ( - and not the most recent stuff as the pendrive failed to work again) we arrived at K-too, a bar and steakhouse. This is the second such venture of an English partnership (the first being “Kilroy’s”, round the corner, hence the name).

The place is well signposted from the street, but quickly turns into a dingy looking stairwell – just when I am beginning to question whether we are in the right place, we emerge into a balcony with a narrow, closed door overlooking an empty restaurant and bored-looking staff. We are welcomed in and ushered to a corner table, whereupon a candle is lit and menus distributed.

The place is poorly lit, but with a spherical lantern hanging over every table providing a cosy atmosphere. The blurb in the menu mentions “cheesy” décor, obviously referring to the thatched roofs constructed in rows over the tables. The room has 120 covers easily, and there is a garden full of tables below, too. We are two of only 6 people here tonight though – all obviously English.

The stereo plays an eclectic mix of British golden oldie ballads by Tom Jones and the like, a little too loud, and the dilapidated, colour-faded telly over the bar is tuned in to live English Premiership football.

The menu has 6 or 7 different steaks (we had “ol’ surf and turf” and “new Yorker”), various TexMex dishes, a generous veggie page, burgers, curries and the odd Nepali dish thrown in for good measure, along with a variety of bottled and canned beer (we stuck to the local “Everest” beer, with a picture of Tenzing on the summit commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first conquering of The Big One – two years ago…), cocktails, mocktails (non-alcoholic) and desserts.

After my main course, my eyes peruse a specials menu on the table. At the bottom of the first page, there for everybody to see, it clearly says: Dark and Stormy! I knew right then and there thad it had to be done – if only in memory of Vicky (looking forward to our next late night drinkathon – probably when Dom is back too!)!

But Nish insisted on a dessert first. A popular local savoury dish are MoMo – rather like dim sum, these are meat-stuffed pasta parcels of buff (water buffalo), chicken, mutton, or vegetable which can be boiled, steamed of deep-fried. Nish chose from the dessert menu a sweet version which where apple and sultana filled, with a cinnamon sugar glaze and some decent vanilla ice cream. I had an Irish coffee crème bruleé – it explained on the menu that this was made in batches, three times a week, from a recipe including, amongst other things, 10L of double cream and 3 bottles of whiskey! We were also offered complimentary Irish coffee with our desserts, which, while unable to refuse, we were determined would not alter our determination to finish with cocktails.

And then came the Dark and Stormy (for those of you other than Vicky, Dom and Iain, a D&S is a strong mixture of quality – preferably questionably imported – dark rum and good old ginger beer, which is simultaneously reflux-inducingly strong and rather sweet), served a la Vicky, with more rum than ginger beer; it was VERY good. Nish had a “grasshopper”, which, to my taste, was rather similar to Colgate mouthwash to be called a cocktail!

We asked for the bill – 2022 Nepal rupees! An intern here makes 8000 a month, but literally translated this is about GBP 7 each for a big steak dinner with beers, pudding, coffee and a cocktail! This is definitely one of the more expensive places to eat, but compared to English (particularly London) prices – it is very good!

Having barely touched a drop of alcohol since leaving London three weeks ago (save for a couple of beers with Gavin and the interesting millet whiskey experience), my tolerance is a little reduced, and this evenings combination leaves me a little light-headed – we roll out of K-Too a little after half nine, anxious that the Rita Sherpas will be asleep by the time we get home – we have to ring the bell to be let in!

With quiet roads, the taxi drivers have fun throwing the cars round blind corners and scaring the hell out of drunk tourists – we nearly crashed into fleeing dogs, a tractor having its tyre changed and various pushbikes before hurtling through the unpaved half mile or so leading up to the house. This was definitely the worst road journey so far, and usually the problem is competing with the other traffic!

Anyway – just thought I’d ramble on a little about a nice evening and how it reminded me of various people back home…

Got to be up for 05:30 tomorrow, when the taxi comes to collect us for our Himalayan mountain flight – hope I am not too hung over to hold my camera still!

Will let you all know how it goes, and post any pictures to my portfolio accessible by clicking on the link to you right.

Thanks for listening (or am I just chatting to myself?).

Love to all.



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