Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Yak and Yeti

Today is Nhish’s birthday (unbeknownst to me) and so he suggests we go to the Yak and Yeti (a top hotel) for dinner. Mostly because of the name and partl because of our Kilroy’s and K-Too experiences, I am expecting a not-so-posh, themed hotel with taxidermised yaks and fake yetis; I am amazed at the luxuriousness of the place and impressed with the architecture – the hotel has a side street all to itself, is a massive complex of buildings and has 2 swimming pools and 4 restaurants.

The taxi drops us off at the casino (only tourists allowed and only in hotels) and we are directed to the Chimney Restaurant, which, according to the guidebooks, is supposed to be the ‘bistro’ (read: more sensibly priced). As we enter, I catch a glimpse of the menu at the door and manage to read: Sizzling duck breast, 1400 Rs (10.37 GBP); oh boy – I’m not even hungry…

We are led into a subtly lit, circular room with a central copper column, candle-lit from beneath, which I assume is the “chimney”. Around the circumference are tables nestled into brick-arched alcoves. The tables are highly polished, light-coloured wood, with shiny silverware arranged on woven silk place mats. We are ushered to a table, the candle is lit, and immediately we are brought hot flannels. We are given the wine list, and, whilst I see a few of my favourites, we settle for beers (Everest of course).

The menu is specially bound in orange rice card, and beautifully printed in perfect English (a rarity here!). It is also extensive, with a page each for hors d’oeuvres, soup, fish, steak and desserts. Nhish, predictably, chooses a smoked fish dish and I go for the tenderloin béarnaise – medium rare. When it arrives, it is on the rare side of rare, but that’s ok. Nhish’s fish is plain, with equally plain boiled vegetables, but he says excellent nonetheless.

I do miraculously well considering I’m not even vaguely hungry, and Nhish clears his plate, though refuses to have a slice of my steak as he is saving room for dessert. He tells me it would be rude not to – and who am I to argue with his customs…?! I opt for the flambéed baked Alaska (mostly because I wonder how it can be both flambéed and baked) and Nhish chooses the apple crepes (most like his favourite: apple crumble). We also order coffee, which is brought along with dessert after a suitable interlude.

The service is impeccable. We are one of six guests in the restaurant the whole evening, and are easily outnumbered by the subtly attentive staff. We are even visited by the scented, suited hotel manager, who unreservedly offers us his service. I almost ask him to waive the bill, but think better of it at the last minute.

After we have finished dessert, but before the coffee is gone, we are brought a plate of homemade truffles but neither of us can manage more than one!

The bill arrives, and is less than we thought - which is always nice; a three-course meal for 2 with beer in a 7 star hotel cost less than 30GBP!


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